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Bespoke Jewellery

At The Guild jewellers we personally carry out the whole development of your piece of Jewellery from initial design and consultation, to finishing and polishing.

Our artisans collaborate with you to craft one-of-a-kind pieces, turning your vision into an exquisite reality that transcends ordinary adornment. Immerse yourself in a world where your dreams take shape in precious metals and gemstones. We invite you to look through our latest jewellery collection and please contact us if you wanting any advice.



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Signature Jewellery


A curated selection of masterfully designed pieces that explore the extraordinary blend of precious metals, gemstones, and unparalleled design. Discover the perfect statement piece that tells a story as unique as you are.

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Diamond Jewellery


Each dazzling creation is a testament to precision and brilliance, capturing the essence of sophistication and timeless allure. Elevate your style with diamonds that shine as brightly as your unique spirit.

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Ashes Jewellery

Keep those you loved near. Each piece holds a precious compartment for a small remembrance. A timeless fusion of memorial and elegance, ensuring that your cherished memories are always close to your heart.


Timeless traditions

We carry out timeless traditions by hand piercing, forging, filing and sanding from sheet and wire, then soldering together the components and finishing your piece by hand. Some of the techniques used integrate modern technology and casting using lost wax methods and hand finish each piece by polishing, ultrasonic cleaning and cold enamelling or kiln firing with glass enamel.

Our work includes all remodelling/redesigning and we can even provide a step by step photography of your design as it progresses if you are interested in the manufacturing process.


Our Story

In 2014, Jacqueline Laithwaite-Rawes welcomed an apprentice into the fold to meet the burgeoning demand at her Silver Dream studio nestled in Holmfirth. Enter Benjamin James Connolly, a young man whose talent and passion for the art of silversmithing mirrored Jacqui’s own youthful fervor. Their collaboration seamlessly blended design influences from different generations, each contributing their unique style to form an exceptional team.

Fast forward to 2016, a golden opportunity emerged—an invitation to secure a space in the enchanting Victorian Byram Arcade, right in the heart of Huddersfield. Recognizing the arcade’s allure for artisan jewellers and designers, they seized the chance and embarked on the adventure of transforming a unit into a spectacular studio space. The result? The birth of The Guild, a hub where they not only craft and showcase their jewellery but also proudly feature the work of fellow artists.

Since then, they’ve been crafting a myriad of stunning designs, offering bespoke jewellery manufacturing, and providing expert remodelling services. The journey, marked by passion and creativity, continues to unfold within the artistic embrace of The Guild.

“As a jewelers, our craft is more than a profession; it is a deeply ingrained passion that breathes life into precious metals and gemstones. Each piece I create is a testament to our love for the art of jewelry making. The meticulous process of shaping raw materials into exquisite adornments is a symphony of creativity and precision. From the initial sketch to the final polish, every step is infused with dedication and a keen eye for detail.

Gemstones, with their kaleidoscope of colors, become the palette from which I draw inspiration. The sparkle of diamonds, the luster of pearls, and the vivid hues of sapphires and emeralds fuel our imagination, guiding us to craft unique and timeless pieces that transcend the boundaries of time. Each design carries a piece of my soul, a reflection of the emotions and stories embedded in the artistry. 

There’s a profound joy in witnessing someone adorned in one of our creations, knowing that we have contributed to moments of celebration and significance in their lives. Jewelry is not merely an accessory; it is an expression of individuality, love, and a celebration of the beautiful moments that make life extraordinary. In the delicate dance of craftsmanship and passion, we find fulfillment, and in the eyes of those who wear our creations.”

Jacqueline Laithwaite-Rawes

"I received a pair of lovely earrings as a present and I was delighted with them. I loved the fact that I know not everyone is going to have earrings like these. Very good quality and durable. Thankyou!"

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