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Bee Jewellery

Ashes Jewellery

Here at 'The Guild' studio we create beautiful memorial jewellery using your loved ones cremation ashes. With our skills in precious metalsmithing we solder the pieces closed so that they are sealed to keep your loved ones ashes safe inside.


We appreciate that handing over your loved ones can be daunting so feel free to hand them over however you like, whether in their original vessel or if you prefer to use a smaller one yourself to take a small amount out. If you need help with the latter we can do this for you in studio.


We only need a pea sized amount, and will endeavour to treat the ashes respectfully throughout every step of the process.

Personalised Ashes Jewellery

For customisation including engraving and bespoke design please submit the form under our contact section.

Gemstones and decorations can be added to your own special design in gold or silver. For a more personal touch we can even incorporate sentimental jewellery of your own. Please feel free to ask for a personalised quote and designs we can do for you today.

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